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Why can wine bottles be divided into green, brown and white?

2022-08-05 10:59:07 1082

Particles, fibers, paper scraps, etc. are collectively referred to as impurities. They are protrusions that affect the smoothness and gloss of the paint film surface. They are the main process defects in the spraying process. The main sources include the adhesion of the processed parts, human body carrying, cargo pallet mixing, internal material loss, machine and equipment wear, etc. the surface of the glass bottle workpiece is oily and dirty. Too large temperature and humidity deviation, too dry or too wet, and disordered air circulation in the operation area.

Solution: pickling the bottle; Wipe with clean cloth dipped in alcohol, and then wipe with dry cloth; Blow with air gun before bottle loading; Ensure the normal operation of the electrostatic precipitator gun and adjust the appropriate angle position; The operating temperature of the coating shall be controlled at 22 ± 3 ℃, and the humidity shall be controlled at 65 ± 5%. Any abnormality shall be repaired; Ensure the good operation of air supply pipes and exhaust fans, keep the ground clean, and mop the ground twice per shift to avoid floating dust pollution; Reduce the movement of personnel in the spray room area;

Shrinkage hole is also called fish eye or white spot. The surface of the paint film starts from a central point and forms a circular depression on the surface of the coating, and its edge is mostly arched. There are two kinds of phenomena, one is like a drop of liquid on the oily substrate, contracting into a spherical shape. Another is like diesel oil flowing around the wet streets. The glass surface is not clean, and there are oil stains, sweat stains, wax and other pollution on the surface;

Solution: pickling the bottle; Fully wipe with alcohol; Avoid touching the painted surface with bare hands and dirty gloves, and ensure that there is no oil, water, silicone oil and other dirt on the painted surface.

Prickly heat, or prickly heat, is similar to needle prickles and round pores. The bottom layer is not dry, the air is wet / the air flow is fast, and the air pressure is high; The difference between coating temperature and workpiece temperature is too large;

Solution: spray the upper layer of paint before the bottom layer is dry. When the primer solvent volatilizes, it will release after breaking the top paint. The top coat cannot be leveled and closed, leaving small holes. Fast solvent volatilization: the surface drying is generally more than 10 minutes. Generally, 15 minutes is the best. One time spraying is too thick: the surface layer volatilizes too quickly, and the inner layer is formed after the gas is accumulated and the top breaking paint is released. Reduce the thickness and increase the number of passes.