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Precautions for glass bottle manufacturers to produce glass bottles and supporting bottle

2022-08-05 10:59:07 1031

The glass bottle manufacturer Hangzhou Jingguan glass bottle Co., Ltd. tells you:

First of all, before the glass bottle is put on the machine, pay attention to prepare more than ten matching bottle caps, so that you can test whether the bottle mouth and the bottle cap are consistent at any time. Before the bottles just made by the row and column machine enter and exit the furnace, you should use the bottle clip used by the master to clamp them aside for cooling. Remember to cool them thoroughly. Tighten the bottle cap hard, Wear gloves because the glass bottle is easy to explode without annealing in the annealing furnace. Safety first, ensure the coincidence of the bottle mouth before normal production.

Secondly: after the glass bottle is put on the machine, the bottle cap should be handed over to the packaging director so that they can do experiments, and they should often go to the packaging room to do experiments in person. Sometimes, after the glass bottle is put on the machine, the master often oil the position where the silk pattern of the bottle mouth mold is easy to cause the filling ash to make the bottle mouth smaller, which can not be seen by the eyes. The bottle cap must be taken to try it out.

This is the experience accumulated by our glass bottle manufacturers. I hope friends in the same industry should pay attention to this when producing glass bottles after seeing this news. There are often problems in this link. I hope we should be responsible to the purchaser and ourselves.