Garden and Home Services

Making a home is both a joy and an effort. Having the right approach is the secret to success. Let me help you with one or more of my services. First, a little about me!!!


For many years I have studied and garnered the very best experience  in making a sustainable homestead. This has taken me to the ends of the earth and the bottoms of the basement and the far reaches of the field. I have always been a person inclined towards creativity through building and gardening.


I found gardening because of a desire for modern day resourcefulness and a desire for good food. Sitting in a living space transformed by the world around, I am able to get in touch with my natural self and let go, even momentarily of many modern day stresses.

I’ve been helping area homeowners with various beautification projects for several years. I call myself an earth artisan because you are hiring me because I am skilled with reading the landscape, being an ecologist, and being a naturalist. With my help you can create an edible and/or useful paradise for you and your family to enjoy! Our area of expertise and potential assistance to you includes:

Siller the Tiller: both roto-tilling and construction with pavers and natural rocks.

Natural Bamboo FencesThese fences are a sight to be seen. They add beauty to your garden and are made of completely natural materials, harvested by our team and constructed on site. Contact us for an estimate.

Installation and Materials servicePart of growing a good garden is having good materials and getting them to your site can be half the job. Installation is an art and science. Starting off right with plants is the most important part. If you need help with sourcing materials and getting things going in your garden, I am available for you.


In these moments I enjoy and take time to enjoy real peace and real relaxation. It is my hope to be able to share the skills I have developed making these dreams real with you.

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