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IMG_0903Wild and Wonderful Foods is a top notch food company. We are your source for amazing, hard to find  foraged and specialty farmed foods.

We supply Philadelphia area restaurants and specialty retailers. Founded in 2010, our list of amazing products keeps on growing. Our 2015 list of products is available here and we will be updating soon. We communicate and send regular eblasts to our customers. If you would like to be added to the email list, send me an email address.

IMG_0972The list of amazing restaurants that we work keeps growing and Perkins Lane Farm in Westville, NJ where we farm is an amazing eden of yummy food.

Also, check out the blog! If you are interested in purchasing, please use the contact form page to introduce yourself.

Also, for more information about our harvest: Check out the Blog
Earthartisan.blogspot.com and
Twitter: @beezsveetIMG_0627
Some of Our Offerings: See the whole list by clicking on the file below:

Wild_Foods 2015

Flowers: Mustards, Black Locust, Hosta, Hibiscus, Violets, Jump ups, herbs in flower
Greens: Nettles, Pokeweed, Patience Dock, Milkweed, Garlic mustard, Spiderwort, Basswood leaves, Sochan, Honewort, Purslane, Lambs Quarter
Fruit: Cherry Plums, Juneberries, Crab apples, Corneilian Cherries, Paw Paws, Autumn Olives
Wild Vegetables: Ramps, Japanese knotweed shoots, Milkweed buds, Fiddlehead ferns, Day lily shoots, Green briar shoots
Farmed Vegetables: Cherry tomatoes, Hot peppers, Radishes, Heirloom tomatoes, Kale, Herbs, Garlic, Chard, Leeks and several more
Uncommon Vegetables: New Zealand spinach, Upland cress, Shiso, Amaranth, Jiogulan, Profusion Sorrel, Pretzel BeansIMG_0707IMG_0705

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